(Back Row - From Left: Neil, John, SamZ, ?, Jenny?, Sharon, Maggie?, Fanny, and SamC.
Front Row - From Left: ?, ?, ?, Anney, Judy, Laura, Ailind, ?, ?, and Patrick)
4th Floor Users
(From Left: Leon, Kevin, Laura, Evan, John, Maggie?, ?, and Lois)
1st Floor Users
(From Left: Laura, Mike, Andy, Tony, and John)
IT people
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6/13 ~ 7/12/03
Project in Shanghai


The challenge this time is to implement 10 companies in 17 days!! And we did GREAT!!

Special thanks to Patrick (Bertelsmann's PM) for always taking us to the same restaurant everyday... @_@~~
j/k... for coordinating & issue solving;

John (ESG Shanghai colleague) for helping out with user questions and data import;

and all the dedicated users, especially Judy & SamZ for full cooperation and open minded!!

We went thru alot together in this month:
1. working til 2am and watch Vertical Limit in this great media room!
2. Practice how to convince management to postpone the go-live date for a problem company and succeed!!
3. ... what else? I will add it in when the memory comes back to me...

We really worked like crazy!
But it seems all projects are like this...
I am seriously thinking what I will do in 2 more years.
Will I continue to work in the consulting area??

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(Sorry, I couldn't remember all the users' names...)